Tuesday, April 7, 2009


here how you write your assignment:
i. Cover Page should have MUCH's logo, subject name and code, your topic, name,
ID, group.
ii. 1st page is for the Akcnowledgement
iii. 2nd page is for the List of Contents
iv. 3rd page is for the Objectives
v. 4th page is for the Introductions
vi. 5th to 14th page is for the issues and subtopics. Your points should not
less than five
vii. 15th page is for references of books and web address etc.
viii. THE END

Your assignment should be written this way:
i. Text - Century Gothic Font, size 11
Point's Title - Underlined and Bold, size 14
ii. Marginate, 1.5 all sides, justified
iii. Coloured cover page (creatives), properly binded
iv. Header - page numbers, topic. at the right corner of the page
Footer - refence, quote
v. Separate page for different subtopic.